Lectures and Courses

Julie Maloney on the Library stepsJULIE MALONEY has been speaking to groups—writers and non-writers—for years. Here are a few suggested topics:

  1. RESEARCH FOR THE NOVEL: “A Matter of Chance,” by Julie Maloney involved a trip by the author to Germany where she visited the Käthe Kollwitz Museum. Kollwitz’s art provided stunning material for the novel. This lecture provides an enthralling study of Kollwitz’s struggles as mother and artist.
  2. WRITING AS A WAY OF HEALING: Explore the possibilities of how writing can be a life-tool. Whether you are a writer or not, you have stories to tell. Writing provides a “voice” on the page. Learn how to access the story you want to write within the safety of the writing journal.
  3. WOMEN IN TRANSITION: We are always in transition—whether we are in a new job, a new marriage, experiencing loss or discovering opportunities. How do we move forward? This lecture addresses this question.

Julie Maloney is available for keynote addresses, speaking engagements for groups/luncheons, and other book-related  events and engagements.

Please contact: Angelle Barbazon, Publicist
JKS Communications – Literary Publicity
(615) 327-9930

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